Welcome to the Pacific South West Technologist Chapter’s Advocacy Website.

The PSWTC represents members of the SNMMITS that live in Arizona, California, and Nevada.  Even though Nevada and California are divided into two SNMMITS chapters, The Pacific South West Technologist Chapter and The Northern California Chapter, regulations and licensing laws are applied at the state level. The Advocacy Committee serves all Nuclear Medicine stakeholders that live in these three states, regardless of membership status.

The Committee consists of a Technologist Advocate from each state and an at large member. The Chair of the Committee is appointed by the current PSWTC president.

Our committee members work tirelessly to assure that the nuclear medicine practice, as supported by the SNMMITS Scope of Practice   is allowed and is not challenged by other regulations and licensing activity in each state.  In addition, if changes are made to a nuclear medicine technologist’s scope of practice, the Advocacy Committee works to assure that this practice is allowed, and if needed, licensed in each of these states.

Besides states’ issues, the committee also works with the SNMMI to advance other causes, such as CMS approval for new scans, improved reimbursement rates, and other issues that are important to the successful practice of Nuclear Medicine.

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