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There are many forces that are affecting nuclear medicine and molecular imaging. Most are socio-economic and regulatory related.

Our Mission:

To remain current in California, Arizona, and Nevada state legislation as it relates to medicine in general and nuclear medicine and molecular imaging specifically.

To inform our members of impacting state and federal actions or regulations.

To actively work with the SNMMI’s Advocacy Committee to help influence state and federal regulations relating to our profession

To actively work with grass roots nuclear medicine stakeholders to contact legislators to effect change (call to actions).

CT/PET On-the-Job Training (OJT) Registration Application

Information Notice
Registration Application

California AB 2374

California Bill permits on the job training in CT for Nuclear Medicine Technologists signed by Governor Schwarzenegger August 1, 2008.
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California SB 1237 requires reporting of CT doses

California SB 1237 requires that all CT doses (CTDI) be reported and will require that any wrong site, wrong patient, or CT overdose be reported to the state starting 1/1/11. THE RHB has published additional FAQS regarding this legislation.
California SB 1237
RHB’s Additional FAQs

The SNMMI supports the Baccalaureate degree

Traditionally, nuclear medicine technologists could gain entry into the professions though a certificate program, associate degree or baccalaureate degree. The SNMMI-TS supports the baccalaureate degree as entry level and has been working with nuclear medicine educators to transition associate level programs to the baccalaureate level by 2015.
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Get ready to prove competency after 2011

Beginning in 2011 all those sitting for any ARRT credential will have to re-establish competencies in 10 years.
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Is your free standing imaging center or cardiologist’s nuclear medicine scanner accredited? All advanced imaging modalities, NM, PET, CT, and PET) located in a free standing center or physician’s office that must be accredited by either the ACR, IAC, or TJC by 1/1/2012.

Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice is a terminology used by state licensing boards for various professions that defines the procedures, actions, and processes that are permitted for the licensed individual.
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Coding and Reimbursement

Medication Management and Radiopharmaceuticals

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USP 797 and the Radiopharmacy

Code of Ethics

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