Haresh MPresident – Haresh Majmundar, BS, CNMT, PET, RT(N)(CT), FASNC


I am working as Sr Nuclear Medicine Technologist at City of Hope National Cancer Center and been privilege to represent you all as a president of PSWTC of SNMM for year 2016-17. I have been working technologist for more than 3 decades in the field of Nuclear Medicine, PET/CT, Radioimmunotherapy and Molecular Imaging.

As a president, I am forming a “Fusion & Molecular Imaging Technology Taskforce” lead by Jeanne Dial for this year. As the technologies are merging and developments of new therapies using radioisotopes, I think the field is changing fast and we needs to look at the future and educate our self to face the challenges.

We also need new leaders to achieve these goals and encourage members to apply for Fourth biennial PSWTC Leadership Academy in late November 2017. More information will be coming in near future.

Also, we will be adding a job board for our members on our Nucgang website, by spring of this year, which I am sure beneficial to all our members.

I am committed to representing all members of PSWTC and serving nuclear medicine and molecular imaging professionals through educational programs, outreach, networking, and advocacy as described in our mission statement. I am always happy to hear any comment, suggestion or concern about our chapter from any member.


Haresh Majmundar, BS, CNMT, PET, RT (N)(CT), FASNC