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National Council of Representatives (NCOR) Meeting

SNMMI Annual Meeting – San Diego, CA

June 9, 2016


  • Journal of Nuclear Medicine-Technologist Section (JNMTS): Seeking experienced applicants for an Editor with a history of manuscript writing, etc. Contact Susan Alexander or Norman Bolus.


  • Chapter Reports: Presented from each of the areas. Concerns were expressed about Radiologists with very limited training failing to read Nuclear Medicine well. It was suggested that technologists look further into this issue.

PSWTC reported that it has reduced membership fees and streamlined conference fees to the extent possible. Fees affect younger members in particular. Nevada participation continues to be lacking. In spite of a major meeting held in Las Vegas annually, it has not been enough, so far, to attract Nevada participation. Retaining new leaders has become a concern. Although PSWTC has produced talented and capable leaders mostly through the successful “PSWTC Leadership Academy,” it becomes expensive and time-consuming for young members starting families and pursuing degrees. Among PSWTC successes are 3 well-attended continuing education meetings per year which is showing a substantial increase in vendor participation; webinar broadcasts are increasing in attendance and locations; the frequently visited “nucgang.org” website is currently adding a job board to its offerings and visits are expanding nationwide.

The Speaker of the House noted that a number of Chapter Presidents were not present at the meeting.  She requests that Presidents be in attendance at future meetings.


  • Specialty Reports:

Cardiology Specialty Rep. – Reimbursement has improved.  The pressure is on to reduce dose amounts which are higher than necessary.  RE: standardized reporting, many MDs dislike canned reports. Requirements such as including NDC numbers, etc. sometimes omitted. Facilities are being reported and fined for each Medicare violation as a result of these oversights. There are concerns that resulting diluted reports will diminish quality of reporting and the need for this modality.

Emerging Technologies Rep. – Seeking resources for info on new technologies.

Education Rep. – The need to relocate to obtain jobs is undesirable. More CE opportunities needed for NMTs seeking specific certifications, i.e., CT.  Problem with constantly adding requirements to NMT certifications but not awarding any deserved post-grad designation. There is also great resistance from CT departments, throughout the industry, to train NMTs. Some state licensing laws prohibit the use of ionizing radiation if the trainee is not part of a “school.”

Industry Rep. – Talking to vendors is encouraged.  The “user” should be determining department purchases.  Purchasing departments should not call all of the shots.

Manager Specialty Rep – SNMMI is developing a manager-specific educational program through the company that produced the SNMMI Leadership Academy; also developing a “Manager Community” (communications network) for managers to discuss challenges/successes. Other comments: Managers need to reach out to the marketing community; managers need to be trained to be entrepreneurs in order to treat their departments as businesses.

Student Membership Committee – Concerns were stated that new grads often do not know the next steps to transitioning from student member to full paying member, including member offerings, post-graduation licensing requirements, and what the various organizations offer. NMTCB has offered to insert a flyer into the board exam results packet with more info. Uptake Newsletter will be willing to allot space for this endeavor.  The committee is focusing on advocacy.  A mailing will be sent out to inform student members and non-members of how much advocacy really takes place in the community. The major focus of the incoming SNMMI-TS president will be advocacy.


Industry Reports: 

  • ARRT – Current website review presented. Visit arrt.com
  • ASRT – Meeting held 6/23 – 26 at Tropicana, Las Vegas, NV. Theme: “Safety first”. Visit asrt.org .
  • CRCPD (Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors) – Dedicated to radiation protection; established 1968; non-profit, non-government. Visit crcpd.org
  • ERF (Peggy Squires/Kathy Thomas) – Focus is on the Paul Cole Scholarship Program 5-year campaign. The campaign kickoff was held on June 9, 2016 at the San Diego Hilton. Raising funds for 15 scholarships per year at $1000 each, into perpetuity.  325 scholarships have been awarded to date.  Donations are tax deductible. Visit mierf.org
  • IAC – Reports that dosing amounts are often higher than what is needed and are in need of adjustment. A Quality Improvement self-assessment tool to assist facilities to improve is available on website.  Mary Lally is new CEO. Visit intersocietal.org
  • Joint Review Commission – 86 new programs have been accredited. Current focus in progress is a review of accreditation standards. Result should be available July 2016.
  • NMTCB – NMAA (Nuclear Medicine Advanced Associate) credential is now 5years old. It is renewable every 10 years. There are 16 certified NMAAs to date.  NMTCB has voted to move forward with the Radiation Safety certification exam – NMTCB (RS). This certification requires a Bachelor’s degree.  An “Associate RSO” credential is in the planning stage.  This is not a certified RSO designation but a specialty and requires no degree.   NMTCB is seeking a new Director.  Applications are being accepted. Visit nmtcb.org

Scope of Practice:  Revisions to NMT Scope of Practice were completed, approved and released in June. Among the changes were clear definitions of “Nuclear Medicine”, “Adjunctives”, “Imaging Medications” and “Radiation Safety.”  Also addressed is quality assurance on scanners, specimen collection, and use of central lines.

Proposed Name Change for NMTs:  It is found that globally, nuclear medicine “technologists” are titled “Scientists” except in America.  The level of training for laboratory technologists is considered equal to that of NMTs.  Lab Techs have been granted a “Scientist” designation and it is felt that it opens opportunities.  Discussions will ensue with regard to a name change for nuclear medicine technologists.

Advocacy:  *****PLEASE READ*****

Nurse Practitioners in the Department of Veterans Affairs have submitted an official proposal to

grant NPs the ability to order, perform, interpret (read) and report all diagnostic imaging studies. House Resolution #4614 was proposed in February 2016. This is thought to have been proposed by the VA as an effort to resolve patient backlogs. This would be affront to all nuclear medicine professionals.  Many organizations are opposing this proposal vigorously.                          –jallen

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