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SNMMI 2016 Mid-Winter Meeting -NCOR Report

SNMMI 2016 Mid-Winter Meeting, Orlando FL

Highlights:  National Council of Representatives Meeting

January 29, 2016


  1. SNMMI-TS Leadership Academy: New Academy graduates were in attendance, introduced, and presented with graduation plaques.  The majority of this years’ attendees were from eastern Chapters.  (Note:  Leadership Academy is held annually in January. PSWTC members are encouraged to apply to participate in this worthwhile offering. It is a perfect complement to our Chapter Leadership Academy.)
  2. Conference Presenters:  Presenters at some conferences are concerned about their performances at meetings.  State that they are generally not receiving feedback on evaluations. (PSWTC has a process whereby presenters routinely receive this feedback.)
  3. Advocacy:  The need to protect NMT Scope of Practice was discussed at length.  We need to find ways to establish an understanding within the nursing community, of what we do and why we do it.  Nursing often perceives NM technology as no different from radiography and question what we do.  It is very important, as well, to maintain an awareness of State policymaking and advocate for our scope of practice.  Without our awareness, the states can arbitrarily eliminate vital privileges without our input and have, so far, come very close.   (Case in point:  CT nearly lost injecting privileges at a State level, except that information was intercepted in time to prevent it.) TAG Reps/ Advocacy Reps are very important.  Advocacy on the part of individuals is important.  It is necessary to listen and pay attention to what is happening in the NM community. Question:  How are the Technologist Sections approaching advocacy?  Suggestion:  Include “Advocacy” in CE meetings.  (PSWTC does include “Advocacy” lectures in its agendas.)
  4.  Membership:  Many NMTs are in it for a “job” vs. in it as a “career.”  SNMMI-TS will never gain membership without techs that are interested in “involvement.” Better screening of NMT students may be in order.  Should there be a requirement for attendance at live meetings?  According to survey (19k surveyed – 10% response), live attendance is not desired by the majority as opposed to online, etc.

Ideas for keeping techs interested and maintaining SNMMI-TS membership:

  • Techs giving more lectures to techs
  • CE Support from employers
  • Chapters to reach out to employees/employers, perhaps reward with free CEs
  • Mentoring
  1. Schwartz, Newly appointed President of SNMMI: States that it is critical to work with CT, MRI.  Questions were raised as to whether physicians are getting enough nuclear medicine training before beginning nuclear medicine practice. The Center of Excellence in Therapy had its first meeting at Mid-Winter. Many new radiotherapy drugs are on the horizon.  SNMMI is involving itself heavily in this endeavor
  1. Specialty Rep. Reports given. The Council is questioning whether all current Specialty Rep. categories are needed and will re-examine.
  1. ERF: Does effective fundraising for grants, awards and scholarships for SNMMI for research and education.  They have raised $295k for 2016.  23% of that funding goes to technologists.  An endowed fund is being created that continues into perpetuity, for 15, $1000 scholarships per year for technologists.
  1. NMTCB: As of 1/1/2017, expect to see new requirements for CNMTs.  The NMTCB CT exam has been developed for CT as it is practiced in nuclear medicine.  PET and NCT board exams must be retaken every 7 years.  NMAA (Advanced Associate) designation is available. Many don’t know what NMAA is, as more information needs to be publicized about it.  A new Radiation Safety credential coming soon, will be designated as “NMTCB(RS)”, covers all aspects of RAM & CT – Must be 2 years post-grad from NMT program.  More info available at www.nmtcb.org
  1. SNMMI-TS Financial Report: Results – Organization remains financially sound.
  1. SNMMI-TS Fellowship Nominees: All nomination packets for fellowships were reviewed by the Council and all nominees were accepted by unanimous vote.



Jackie Allen

National Council Delegate


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